About The Homesteading Huntress

Hello, fellow food enthusiast (or curious passerby).

I’m Arielle and I’m a hunter – or huntress, if you’d prefer – and urban homesteader located in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

I created this website to share practical information and my personal experiences as a female hunter and wild food enthusiast.

I hope to provide other people with insight that I wish had been readily available to me as a new hunter, forager, fermenter, urban homesteader, and cook.

In The Homesteading Huntress, you can find articles on:

  • hunting and harvesting wild game and seafood from the perspective of a new (and curious) female hunter and freediver
  • foraging guides, including wild edible mushrooms and plants
  • fermentation and food preservation recipes and techniques
  • Asian wild food recipes and cooking methods inspired by my East Asian heritage
  • urban homesteading AKA frightening my city neighbours

By sharing valuable and straightforward information about getting your own wild food, I hope to encourage more people to join this growing community.

From hunting, freediving, and fishing to foraging, fermenting, and canning, I want to taste it all. I hope you join me.

Thank you.

The Homesteading Huntress


How Did I Start Harvesting Wild Food?

about homesteading huntress female hunter bc

I am not naturally outdoorsy and I had never been athletic. I grew up in the suburbs with a nervous disposition and a heavily used library card.

Believe me, urban homesteading and hunting have not come naturally to me, despite being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

As a 24 year old woman, I had never walked off a gravel trail. I had never used a compass. I didn’t own practical shoes. I couldn’t even fry an egg.

But all things change. In 2014, I was grappling with the ethical conundrum of loving food while valuing the environment and the lives of animals.

Luckily, I met my partner, Will, that year. He introduced me to the growing community of new hunters in Vancouver and the concept of ethical game harvesting for food.

I was hooked on him and hunting on the first date. Freediving for wild seafood, foraging for edible mushrooms and plants, fermentation, urban homesteading, and cooking Asian wild game recipes came quickly after that.

In the last few years, I’ve been doing my best to broaden my horizons by exploring all the bounty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, both in the metropolitan city of Vancouver and the stunning Sunshine Coast region.