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fermented Korean kimchi recipe - featured

Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe and FAQ (Raw Oyster)

Quick Navigation Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe (Maangchi) Fermenting Kimchi FAQ Recipes Using Homemade Kimchi My Experience Fermenting Kimchi Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe (Raw Oysters) Print Napa Cabbage Kimchi Recipe (With Raw Oysters) Learn how to

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How to Shuck Wild Oysters (Illustrated Guide)

This article covers how to shuck wild oysters with this illustrated guide. Wild oysters from BC and the Pacific Northwest can be harder to open and handle than farmed oysters. Quick Navigation How to Shuck

BC mushroom foraging regs header image

BC Mushroom Foraging Regulations (Updated)

This article covers British Columbia mushroom foraging regulations and was last updated for 2019/2020. Quick Navigation Where Can I Forage For Wild Mushrooms In British Columbia? Can I Forage For Morels Where BC Forest Fires

Wild Oysters Guide for BC – Regulations, Limits, Licenses 2018

This wild oysters guide for BC – regulations, limits, licenses in 2018 will tell you everything you need to know to harvest and forage wild oysters safely, legally, and ethically in British Columbia. Harvesting oysters from

wild beach peas in hand

Wild Beach Peas and Shoots Foraging Guide

I’ve written this wild beach peas and beach pea shoots guide to reduce the anxiety a lot of new foragers feel over harvesting these wild local plants. The scientific name for wild beach peas is Lathyrus

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

Wild BC Spot Prawn Fishing in April

Wild BC spot prawn fishing is a local foraging pastime that I’m thrilled to be able to access to on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia this summer. While this April long weekend was my

freediving for crabs article sunshine coast tourism

The Essential Guide to Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast [Link]

I’m thrilled that I was able to publish “The Essential Guide To Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast” with Sunshine Coast Tourism BC! It’s amazing to see public interest in wild food, foraging, and hunting

how to check for red tide and shellfish closures in bc

How to Check for Red Tide and Shellfish Closures in BC – Updated for 2018

Learning how to check for red tide and shellfish closures in BC is an essential part of harvesting shellfish safely. Every harvester, no matter how experienced they are, needs to check for red tide and

fig jam from frozen

How to Make Fig Jam From Frozen Figs (No Pectin)

If you’re curious about whether you can make anything from all the frozen figs you have in the freezer, fear not – you can still make fig jam from frozen figs! It’s such a luxury

wild mushroom foraging bc

The Tasty Guide to Wild Mushroom Foraging in BC

If you’re entering into the wide world of wild mushroom foraging in BC, or even considering giving foraging wild mushrooms a try this year, congratulations! You’re already steps ahead from many people who seem to