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spiced apple butter preserves

Spiced Apple Butter Preserves (Canning)

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chinese salted duck yolks preserved

Chinese Salted Duck Yolks (Easy Preserved Duck Eggs) 咸鸭蛋

This recipe for easy Chinese salted duck yolks is the simplest way to create the flavors of traditional preserved duck eggs at home using everyday ingredients and equipment. Preserved duck eggs are incredibly rich with

Quick Update: Selfie, Quinces, Dim Sum, Newsletter | The Homesteading Huntress

Canning Quince Paste (Membrillo)

Canning quince paste (membrillo) was an exciting first for me this year. I’ve heard a lot about the mysterious quince fruit on nerdy food forums and blogs, but I’ve never seen it in person or

chinese venison jerky how to cut venison jerky

Chinese Venison Jerky (How to Cut Venison Jerky)

This Chinese venison jerk recipe will also show you how to cut venison jerky for any recipe you want to use to preserve your wild game meat. I love jerky and I love Chinese food,

fig jam from frozen

How to Make Fig Jam From Frozen Figs (No Pectin)

If you’re curious about whether you can make anything from all the frozen figs you have in the freezer, fear not – you can still make fig jam from frozen figs! It’s such a luxury