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blacktail buck bc skull mount

How To Skull Mount Deer (Euro Mount)

This article covers how to skull mount (Euro mount) a harvested animal skull. More information about skull mounts and detailed instructions below. Quick Navigation How To Skull Mount Deer and Other Wild Game Skull Mount

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How to Shuck Wild Oysters (Illustrated Guide)

This article covers how to shuck wild oysters with this illustrated guide. Wild oysters from BC and the Pacific Northwest can be harder to open and handle than farmed oysters. Quick Navigation How to Shuck

Wild Oysters Guide for BC – Regulations, Limits, Licenses 2018

This wild oysters guide for BC – regulations, limits, licenses in 2018 will tell you everything you need to know to harvest and forage wild oysters safely, legally, and ethically in British Columbia. Harvesting oysters from

easy thai red fish curry header

Easy Thai Red Fish Curry

This easy Thai red fish curry recipe using wild caught halibut comes together in less than 30 minutes! I love cooking, but I also have to work a regular 9-5 full-time job. That means that

Cantonese Ginger Scallion BC Spot Prawns | The Homesteading Huntress

Cantonese Ginger Scallion BC Spot Prawns (Chinese Wild Prawn Recipe)

Cantonese ginger scallion BC spot prawns have definitely become a highlight dish for me since we’ve started prawning for wild local BC spot prawns on the Sunshine Coast. With Cantonese ginger scallion prawns, ginger is

wild prawn stock the homesteading huntress

Wild Prawn Stock (BC Spot Prawn Heads and Shells Stock)

Making a wild prawn stock recipe with BC spot prawn heads and shells is a no-brainer in terms of commitment and ease. This stock recipe turns food scraps and waste into a major flavor booster

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

Wild BC Spot Prawn Fishing in April

Wild BC spot prawn fishing is a local foraging pastime that I’m thrilled to be able to access to on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia this summer. While this April long weekend was my

freediving for crabs article sunshine coast tourism

The Essential Guide to Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast [Link]

I’m thrilled that I was able to publish “The Essential Guide To Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast” with Sunshine Coast Tourism BC! It’s amazing to see public interest in wild food, foraging, and hunting

wild pacific asian fried oyster taco - ready

Asian Wild Oyster Tacos

Asian wild oyster tacos are one of my favourite ways to eat cooked oysters that I harvest in BC, but they’re definitely not how I remember eating fried oysters as a child. In fact, I

chinese venison jerky how to cut venison jerky

Chinese Venison Jerky (How to Cut Venison Jerky)

This Chinese venison jerk recipe will also show you how to cut venison jerky for any recipe you want to use to preserve your wild game meat. I love jerky and I love Chinese food,