chinese salted duck yolks preserved

Chinese Salted Duck Yolks (Easy Preserved Duck Eggs) 咸鸭蛋

This recipe for easy Chinese salted duck yolks is the simplest way to create the flavors of traditional preserved duck eggs at home using everyday ingredients and equipment. Preserved duck eggs are incredibly rich with

asian marinated cabbage slaw recipe - header image

Asian Marinated Cabbage Slaw

This Asian marinated cabbage slaw recipe is great with any Asian-Mexican fusion recipe that needs a fresh, sour-salty crunch. I generally use this marinated slaw in meals like Asian-Mexican fusion tacos (like this Asian Wild

Cantonese Ginger Scallion BC Spot Prawns | The Homesteading Huntress

Cantonese Ginger Scallion BC Spot Prawns (Chinese Wild Prawn Recipe)

Cantonese ginger scallion BC spot prawns have definitely become a highlight dish for me since we’ve started prawning for wild local BC spot prawns on the Sunshine Coast. With Cantonese ginger scallion prawns, ginger is

wild prawn stock the homesteading huntress

Wild Prawn Stock (BC Spot Prawn Heads and Shells Stock)

Making a wild prawn stock recipe with BC spot prawn heads and shells is a no-brainer in terms of commitment and ease. This stock recipe turns food scraps and waste into a major flavor booster

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

Wild BC Spot Prawn Fishing in April

Wild BC spot prawn fishing is a local foraging pastime that I’m thrilled to be able to access to on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia this summer. While this April long weekend was my

freediving for crabs article sunshine coast tourism

The Essential Guide to Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast [Link]

I’m thrilled that I was able to publish “The Essential Guide To Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast” with Sunshine Coast Tourism BC! It’s amazing to see public interest in wild food, foraging, and hunting

wild pacific asian fried oyster taco - ready

Asian Wild Oyster Tacos

Asian wild oyster tacos are one of my favourite ways to eat cooked oysters that I harvest in BC, but they’re definitely not how I remember eating fried oysters as a child. In fact, I

Quick Update: Selfie, Quinces, Dim Sum, Newsletter | The Homesteading Huntress

Canning Quince Paste (Membrillo)

Canning quince paste (membrillo) was an exciting first for me this year. I’ve heard a lot about the mysterious quince fruit on nerdy food forums and blogs, but I’ve never seen it in person or

how to make flavored kombucha

Lemon Ginger Kombucha (How to Flavour Kombucha)

This lemon ginger kombucha recipe is one of many classic and delicious flavor combinations you can create using homemade fermented kombucha. Learning how to flavor kombucha couldn’t be more straightforward. Add fruit and a little

arielle the homesteading huntress

Quick Updates: October 2017

Hi, everyone! While I’m committed to posting regularly, I’m still in the kooky experiment stages of a few recipes that I want to perfect before I publish them officially to my website. I thought this

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