Wild BC Spot Prawn Fishing in April

Wild BC spot prawn fishing is a local foraging pastime that I’m thrilled to be able to access to on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia this summer.

While this April long weekend was my first experience prawn fishing for wild BC spot prawns, my partner, Will, has been obsessively researching prawning online for months leading up to this spring.

When we finally had a chance to bring a small fishing boat up to the Sunshine Coast and take it out for a spin with a few friends (and some prawn fishing accessories), we were lucky enough to harvest over six hundred mature local spot prawns over the first few days out on the water.

While experienced prawners and commercial prawn fishermen can definitely see much larger harvests, we were super excited to have such a bounty of delicious seafood to share with our friends.

Note: There’s a small crab stuck in the prawn trap in the featured picture — don’t worry, we put him back in the water as soon as we pulled the trap up!

Wild BC Spot Prawn Fishing Pictures and Videos

wild bc spot prawn fishing

Prawn selfie! Pr-elfie…? Pra-fie…?

wild bc spot prawn fishing in AprilHauling the wild BC spot prawn harvest on the boat using a line puller.

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

This little Puget Sound King Crab baby got caught in our prawn trap, so we set him free!

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

Processing the wild BC spot prawns was a quick, albeit pointy, experience. Watch for their sharp spines on the heads — I definitely walked away with a few small cuts on my hands that I wasn’t expecting.

wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

We processed the BC spot prawns by rinsing them with water, and then carefully removed the heads (for BC spot prawn stock later). The prawns were frozen in freezer bags with water to form blocks to prevent freezer burn. wild bc spot prawn fishing in April

Fresh BC spot prawns cooked with homemade white wine, butter, and garlic to feast on with friends to celebrate our good fortune on the sea!

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Arielle is a passionate urban homesteader and hunter located in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

  1. Your posts are always a good informative read. While I certainly won’t be prawning- I am always up for wild spotted prawns at the local restaurants!
    Happy adventures 🍤🍴🧜🏻‍♀️


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