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fermented Korean kimchi recipe - featured

Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe and FAQ (Raw Oyster)

This article covers a fermented Korean kimchi recipe, the process of fermenting cabbage kimchi at home, and common homemade kimchi FAQs. Skip to the fermented Korean kimchi recipe here.  Making a fermented Korean kimchi recipe

Kimchi Omelette with Cheddar, Leeks and Gochugaru (Keto)

This keto kimchi omelette with cheddar, leeks, and gochugaru really surprised me. I was surprised by how much I liked it when I made it – and I’m still surprised at how quickly it became

how to make flavored kombucha

Lemon Ginger Kombucha (How to Flavour Kombucha)

This lemon ginger kombucha recipe is one of many classic and delicious flavor combinations you can create using homemade fermented kombucha. Learning how to flavor kombucha couldn’t be more straightforward. Add fruit and a little

how to make apple vinegar from cores and peels

How to Make Apple Vinegar From Cores and Peels

Naturally fermented apple vinegar from cores and peels is a great way to use food waste that would otherwise be composted or thrown away. Naturally fermented apple vinegar is an excellent addition to salad dressings

how to cure green olives

How to Cure Green Olives Naturally

Learning how to cure green olives naturally was one of my first solo urban homesteading attempts. It was such an enjoyable and fruitful venture that curing green olives has turned into an annual tradition that

make kombucha safely

How to Make Kombucha Safely (Without Poisoning Yourself)

A few years ago, most people wouldn’t even dream of drinking naturally fermented tea teeming with living bacteria. But hey, all things change, including mainstream opinion of delicious, delicious bacteria-filled fermented tea… also known as