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wild pacific asian fried oyster taco - ready

Asian Wild Oyster Tacos

Asian wild oyster tacos are one of my favourite ways to eat cooked oysters that I harvest in BC, but they’re definitely not how I remember eating fried oysters as a child. In fact, I

Quick Update: Selfie, Quinces, Dim Sum, Newsletter | The Homesteading Huntress

Canning Quince Paste (Membrillo)

Canning quince paste (membrillo) was an exciting first for me this year. I’ve heard a lot about the mysterious quince fruit on nerdy food forums and blogs, but I’ve never seen it in person or

how to check for red tide and shellfish closures in bc

How to Check for Red Tide and Shellfish Closures in BC – Updated for 2018

Learning how to check for red tide and shellfish closures in BC is an essential part of harvesting shellfish safely. Every harvester, no matter how experienced they are, needs to check for red tide and

korean venison japchae header

Korean Venison Japchae

Making Korean venison japchae is an excellent way to enjoy the flavours of the best Korean restaurants in the comfort of your own home – while taking advantage of the local, organic, and grass-fed venison

how to cure green olives

How to Cure Green Olives Naturally

Learning how to cure green olives naturally was one of my first solo urban homesteading attempts. It was such an enjoyable and fruitful venture that curing green olives has turned into an annual tradition that

difference between whitetail and mule deer

What’s the Difference Between Whitetail and Mule Deer? (With Quiz)

One of the biggest mistakes any new hunter can make is to be lax about whether they can identify the difference between whitetail and mule deer. Verbally memorizing traits isn’t enough to cut it when

make kombucha safely

How to Make Kombucha Safely (Without Poisoning Yourself)

A few years ago, most people wouldn’t even dream of drinking naturally fermented tea teeming with living bacteria. But hey, all things change, including mainstream opinion of delicious, delicious bacteria-filled fermented tea… also known as

wild mushroom foraging bc

The Tasty Guide to Wild Mushroom Foraging in BC

If you’re entering into the wide world of wild mushroom foraging in BC, or even considering giving foraging wild mushrooms a try this year, congratulations! You’re already steps ahead from many people who seem to

the homesteading huntress

The Friggin’ Tasty Guide for Freediving for Crab in BC

It surprised the heck out of me to discover that if you love crab, freediving may be the right (as in the most delicious and cost-effective) sport for you. That’s because when it’s done efficiently,